Why People Do What They Do

This program enhances communication skills by identifying what motivates individuals based on their core needs and strengths, which are essential in building an effective team and better relationships.

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Evening Workshop

Dr. Bennett will address the following at this workshop: What are the theories of change and change-agentry?  How do theories about change apply in various professional contexts?  Why does change fail?  How can we design change so it succeeds?  How are perspectives on change different across cultures?

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How To Unleash Today’s Young Talent

The Millennial Challenge: How To Unleash Today’s Young Talent

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One Source

The Total Check and Total Check Plus Service background check packages are intended for all business sizes and includes the following services: applicant verification, multi-court jurisdictional database, and more.

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OCHRS 2014 Platinum EXCEL Award Winner

The Society for Human Resource Management has awarded the 2014 Platinum EXCEL Award to OCHRS! 

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The OCHRS Board of Directors  set the dues for 2015.

For those that are SHRM members, the annual membership rate will be $75 per year.

For those that are not SHRM members, the annual membership rate will be $100 per year.

OCHRS will offer the lunch bundle again at $250 for the entire year.  This price covers all the lunches of the nine chapter meetings (no meeting in February or April 2015; the December meeting is Member Appreciation) and the annual membership is included for both a SHRM member and a non-SHRM member. 

Meal prices will remain unchanged for 2015 at $25 for chapter members, $40 for non-chapter members and $9 for SHRM student chapter members.


Membership Dues 2015 Still Being Accepted



Summer Dress Code Policies Should Include Nondiscrimination Statements

Questions and Answers with Tanya Bryant, attorney shareholder with Crowe & Dunlevy Read More

Oklahoma Unemployment Law Changes Let Businesses Fight Claims More Quickly

Questions & Answers with Vic Albert, partner-attorney with Conner & Winters, LLP Read More

Pre-Employment Screening Regulations: Approach with Caution

Pre-employment screening is a balancing act between the employer and future employee. While the employer has an obligation to conduct due diligence and prevent negligent hiring practices, they must do so legally. Read More

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Stretch U BannerThe Carey Stretch is a patent-pending method, in which all of John Carey’s experience helping professional athletes, through his extensive training in Australian and Norwegian schools of manual physical therapy, is condensed into a single, effective fitness regimen.  Find out more.

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