It's best to involve several in hiring process

Questions and Answers with Dr. Nathan Mellor, an author, speaker, CEO of C3 Brands and president of Strata Leadership, our 2019 Strategic Sponsor for OCHRS. Read More

Doing business by email can cause legal concerns

Questions and Answers with Michelle Campney, attorney with Phillips Murrah Law firm. Read More

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Strata Leadership


With almost 400 Oklahoma City Human Resource Society (OCHRS) members in various Oklahoma industries and businesses, partnering with OCHRS as a sponsor is a wonderful marketing opportunity. Your sponsorship allows us to offer effective and meaningful programs, networking and educational opportunities, and contributes to our profession of Human Resources. We are actively looking to promote Human Resources related events if they are free to our members and contribute educationally to the Human Resources profession.  Contact our VP of Sponsorship or our Chapter Administrator to request more information on becoming a sponsor.