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OCHRS Vision

The vision of the Oklahoma City Human Resources Society is to be the center of knowledge, inspiration and influence for people management and organizational development in the central Oklahoma HR and business community.


Founded in 1948, the Oklahoma City Human Resource Society (OCHRS) is an active organization composed of Human Resource professionals from a broad spectrum of greater Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.  We are a group of over 300 members representing industrial firms, large national corporations as well as small businesses along with city, state, federal agencies.  Our members include retailing, manufacturing, service industries, oil gas products, finance, medical, insurance, government and educational entities.  We are chapter #0129 with the SHRM organization.


The purpose of OCHRS shall be to improve the competence of Human Resource Professionals and to raise the standard of performance in all phases of HR Management code of ethics.

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We welcome you to join the Oklahoma City Human Resource Society to further your Human Capital Management career.  OCHRS dues are paid on a calendar year basis covering January 1st thru December 31st.  We do not prorate your dues based on when you join.  This is different than how the Society for Human Resource Management since they are on an anniversary year cycle. 

OCHRS will ask you for your SHRM ID# if you are a SHRM member and join at the SHRM member rate of $75 per year and expiration date so we may verify your status.  If you are not a member of SHRM, the annual membership fee is $100. If you are ready to join, click the button below.  Already a member?  Login here.

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