Study Group

2019 Spring Certification Study and Preparation Group

SHRM Certified ProfessionalA spring study class is planned from Monday, February 11 through Monday, April 15, 2019. This  study group will be coordinated by OCHRS VP-Certification & Professional Development, Linda Clark, and will include a variety of HR professionals supporting the learning environment with a range of subject matter expertise, testing strategies, and question/answer time, along with the cooperative nature of learning from peers as you pursue excellence via certification. SHRM Senior Certified ProfessionalThe object of this group is to provide support and focused time for the HR professional pursuing one of many certification possibilities.

  • You do not have to belong to OCHRS or SHRM to participate. OCHRS will offer the SHRM Learning System study guide set for purchase, but that is not a requirement to participate.
  • The group meets on Monday evenings from 5:30-7:30pm at the offices of BancFirst Insurance, 13230 Pawnee Drive, Suite 205, Oklahoma City, OK  73114
  • Presented material is current year 2019.
  • Registration will open on or about January 10th

2018 SHRM Learning System ChampionPricing options include a $50 charge for an OCHRS member that does not need to purchase the SHRM Learning System or $675 if they want to purchase the current SHRM Learning System.

Pricing options for Non-OCHRS members include $150 for the non-member that does not need to purchase the SHRM Learning System or $725 for the Non-OCHRS member that does include the purchase of the SHRM Learning System.  

Registration is now open at this time.

For further questions or additional information, please contact our VP-Certification & Professional Development, Linda Clark, via email at her email address.