College Internship Opportunity

Submit an Internship Opportunity

Becky Estes

When contacting OCHRS about an internship opportunity, contact Becky Estes, Vice President for College Relations, by either phone, e-mail or the use contact form below. 

Please provide the following information when contacting OCHRS:

1.    Please let us know the company name, contact person and the contact person's information so that we can get in touch with him/her.

2.    Also, please provide a list of job duties (or job description if one is available) as to what types of tasks the prospective intern would be performing.

3.    In addition, indicate whether or not the internship will be paid or unpaid. 

UCO Human Resource SocietyWhen you submit this information to us, Becky Estes then relays it adviser of the UCO Human Resource Society.

The internship opportunities are announced at bi-monthly meetings as well as in many of the Human Resource classrooms. In this way, the word gets out rather quickly to a large number of students.

The student will contact the company offering the internship to express his/her interest. Upon agreement, the company will then meet with the student to ensure that this person will indeed meet their needs.

If you have any questions or comments about any internship opportunity, you may contact Becky Estes at (405) 361-0683.