Transitioning Membership

What is a transitioning membership?

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) provides active members who are unemployed at the time of the membership renewal a one-time opportunity to extend their membership for up to one year—at no cost! SHRM believes this continued affiliation to our loyal members will help transitioning members stay current on the issues impacting the HR profession and provide them with the needed resources to assist them in their job search. Read more here.

OCHRS is now offering the same opportunity for local chapter affiliation!

Who qualifies for transitioning membership?

Any active OCHRS member who is unemployed at the time of his or her membership expiration date or becomes unemployed up to 90 days after the membership lapses.  Additionally, the member must be unemployed at the time he or she applies for a transitioning membership. No refunds will be given for renewals already paid and processed.  Student members do not qualify for transitioning membership status.

Before activating an OCHRS transitioning membership, the requester must communicate his or her unemployment status to the VP of Member Services.

Important notice about OCHRS transitioning membership

Transitioning membership is available to members ONE TIME ONLY and will not begin until OCHRS has been contacted and past membership has been verified. Members will be notified when the membership has been approved and reactivated. Application for transitioning membership must be requested and approved before renewal is activated.  No refunds will be given if a membership is renewed and then an individual loses their job.  Benefits of transitioning membership are subject to change or cancellation without notice.