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Current job listings are found here for Human Resource Professionals seeking employment in the Oklahoma City area.

Job Title Job Status Date Posted  
Assistant Director - H R Full Time 01/10/2018 Details »
H R Analyst Full Time 01/24/2018 Details »
Claims Specialist Full Time 01/24/2018 Details »
Benefits Assistant Full Time 01/24/2018 Details »
H R Field Coordinator (3 positions, 3 locations) Full Time 01/28/2018 Details »
H R Generalist Full Time 01/30/2018 Details »
Benefits Specalists Full Time 02/05/2018 Details »
H R Generalist Full Time 02/07/2018 Details »
H R Generalist Full Time 02/08/2018 Details »
Office Administrator Full Time 02/08/2018 Details »
H R Assistant Full Time 02/08/2018 Details »
H R Manager (Field) Full Time 02/08/2018 Details »
Director of H R - Bison Oilfield Services Full Time 02/08/2018 Details »
H R Manager - Progrexion Full Time 02/09/2018 Details »
H R Generalist - Recruiter - KimRay Full Time 02/13/2018 Details »
Human Resources Manager - Georgia Pacific Full Time 02/13/2018 Details »
Sr Recruiter - Remington Park Full Time 02/15/2018 Details »
UCO Asst. VP - HR Full Time 02/19/2018 Details »

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The listings are free to post for any employer with a current OCHRS member on staff. Another requirement is that the position be directly related to the Human Resource profession. If your firm would like to post a position, please e-mail the job posting as a Word or PDF document to: [email protected].

For other organizations not connected to OCHRS through an employee, the fee to list a job on our website is $100 per job for one month. Pre-payment is required and more information can be obtained from the Chapter Administrator, [email protected].

Please include in your email if this job is exempt or non-exempt, full time or part-time, the location of the position, and how you want to receive applications - cover letter, resume, on-line only, etc. Please advise if you want a name, phone number or email address to be shown on the webpage for any questions or contacts.

Thank you for using the website of OCHRS to post your positions!