Retirement funds may be exempt

Q&A with Jim Prince, Crowe & Dunlevy Employee Benefit group Read More

Workers' comp rates decline

For the second straight year, workers' compensation loss costs used by insurers to determine rates for Oklahoma employers will show an overall decrease. The National Council on Compensation Insurance has filed an overall loss cost level decrease of 7.8 percent, bringing the total two-year decrease to 22.4 percent. Read More

Number of jobless in OKC tumbles

Oklahoma City's unemployment rate — already one of the lowest in the nation among large cities — improved in July, as did the rates in more than two-thirds of the state's counties. Read More

State unemployment rate rises slightly

State unemployment rate rises slightly Read More

Labor market swings to jobseekers' favor

Q&A with Pam Fountain-Wilks, President of Oklahoma City based Principal Technologies staffing firm Read More

Employers must get ready to revamp benefit reporting under Obamacare

Q&A with Barbara Klepper, an employee benefit attorney with the firm McAfee and Taft Employers soon to rework their benefit reporting for Obamacare Read More

Provisions in Affordable Care Act in peril as court rulings conflict

Q&A with Brandon Long Provisions in Affordable Care Act in peril as court rulings conflict Read More

Trade Groups Denounce NLRB McDonald's Ruling

A National Labor Relations Board decision finding that the fast-food giant is a “joint employer” of its franchisees’ workers prompted an immediate outcry from business trade groups. The associations say the ruling threatens the long-standing franchise business model. Read More

Oklahoma attorney meets with U.S. labor secretary concerning overtime exemption laws

Q&A with Leonard Court, Crowe & Dunlevy director and member of the firm's labor and employment practice group. Local attorney meets with U.S. labor secretary about overtime laws Read More

EEOC updates call for light-duty considerations for pregnant workers

Q&A with Timothy Carney, labor and employment group of GableGotwals, Tulsa Employers get update for their pregnancy workplace policies Read More