OCHRS Announces New Annual Award

Posted by Charles Middleton on 10/12/2018

The Board of Directors of OCHRS approved a new award at their meeting on October 11, 2018.  This award for the Emerging Professional Award will join the awards presented for HR Champion, HR Legend and HR All-Star Team starting this year.  

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes newer OCHRS members who have already made significant contributions to the Board of Directors, a Chapter Committee and/or to the profession and have demonstrated the potential for leadership and continuing service.

Selection Criteria

  • The nominee must be a member in good standing of SHRM and OCHRS
  • The nominee must be in his/her first 5 years of experience in the HR Field
  • The nominee must not have previously received an Emerging Leader Award
  • The nominee must have shown leadership in a significant contribution to OCHRS and/or the profession
  • The nominee must have shown outstanding promise for continuing service and leadership
  • Prefer a Certified HR Professional from HRCI or SHRM.

The Emerging Leaders Award is given annually to a deserving recipient.

Award Amount - $250 to be used toward any OCHRS or SHRM expenditure or purchase.

The form to make the nomination will be uploaded to the website as soon as possible.  The deadline to submit nominations for each of the awards is Friday, October 26, 2018.  For more information, contact [email protected]