Welcome to OCHRS

Anna JacksThank you for your commitment to the HR profession and membership in OCHRS as well as your attendance at our events.  We are committed to providing value in 2018 for your membership dollars and your professional time.

Our chapter memberships for 2017 ended just over 375 and included the HR Professional that belongs to SHRM, those that are local members only and others that are vendors to the HR professional. OCHRS is offering twelve monthly meetings this year including an evening event for the second time in December at the Will Rogers Theatre on North Western. Once again, spouses and/or guests are encouraged to attend. We are also trying a breakfast meeting in April!

All of our planning begins with you. Your comments on the monthly evaluations after each meeting advises us of your needs and requests for topics that matter to our membership.  While you elected Kyle Killingsworth to Chapter President-Elect, we now have Dr. Matt Leon as Program Vice-President planning the monthly programs and the popular David McLaughlin joining the Board of Directors to plan special training events, things like the Leadership Academy and Master Series classes.

We have had much participation in our Young Professionals (YP) group in the last year. OCHRS provides support and encouragement to anyone new to the HR profession. The meetings and training offered do not require an OCHRS or SHRM membership.  Ultimately, the goal would be to transition those YP attendees into OCHRS membership. OCHRS also continues to support the SHRM affiliated student chapter at UCO and is working to build and support the relationship between the college students and YP group.

We continue to communicate with you via social media and our bimonthly newsletter so you will not miss out on any events or relevant HR news. We make frequent posts on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and have our own company page on LinkedIn.  Please stay connected by following OCHRS on those platforms and also periodically visiting our website. Additionally, the Young Professionals group and the Diversity Council have a presence on social media.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the Board of Directors with suggestions or comments.  Our Board is active and meets monthly. If you ever want to attend a Board meeting, just let me know.

Best wishes for a fruitful and happy 2018!

Anna Jacks, 2018-19 OCHRS President